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    Top Issues in Real Estate Education Today

    Greetings from the communications committee!  Our REEA Members have identified some of the top issues in real estate education today and would like us to highlight these topics in our blog over the next few months. Having this as our current blog focus we hope it will not only add value to your day to day business, but hope to gain some participation from you. If there’s a topic you don’t see in our list and/or you are interested in writing a blog entry, please email it to Allison Willford with REEA Blog in the subject line.

    . . . Through the Eyes of Regulators

    • How to improve instructor performance?
    • What are proven methods of effective adult teaching skills?
    • Provide a laundry list of active teaching examples
    • Using acronyms for optimal student retention
    • Stop fighting the way your students learn and teach the way your students need you to teach. Not just teaching the way you were taught
    • Coming Soon
    • Pocket listings
    • Advertising with social media
    • Regulation of business models like Airbnb
    • Competency of new agents
    • Lack of supervision by BICs
    • The biggest complaint I hear as a regulator is that the teacher did not know the subject matter very well

    . . . Through the Eyes of the REEA Communication Committee

    • Retraining the instructor to understand different ways of learning among generations; teaching to/with more than one skill level in the same class; multigenerational classes
    • Consumer education (the client) – how to teach the student to educate the client; Consumer education (the public) – how to teach the student to educate/inform the public
    • Teaching required courses to a variety of specialties at the same time (residential plus property management plus commercial for example)
    • Making required topics informative AS WELL AS FUN, entertaining, and interesting
    • Lack of affordable housing (starter homes are often unaffordable for most housing “beginners”)
    • Increasing wealth and income gap among buyers (student loan debt and stagnating wages exacerbating the trend)
    • Lack of professionalism among agents a growing trend
    • Political inertia – regardless of political proclivities, acrimonious emotions between parties prevent real work being accomplished
    • Demographic shifts – millennials and baby boomers competing in same housing markets (baby boomers win due to wage and asset advantages)
    • Trend toward urbanization – walking distance appealing
    • Having to teach “required courses” which have minimum level of competency expected, in a way that will meet our personal goals to increase competency for our students
    • Education level of students (different requirements from different states)
    • Incorporating tools in the classroom which speak to all learners – visual, auditory and kinesthetic
    • Affordability of homes
    • Lender qualification of buyers
    • Infrastructure – roads, light rail, buses, trains, etc.
    • Change of the FHA Scope of work - NAR did a good article from our DC meetings
    • Methamphetamine and real estate, FHA has a just started addressing, we have a lot of concern in upstate New York
    • Trying to keep up with changing practices (use of licensed assistants and getting states and regulations adopted and written and implemented, for example)
    • Getting wrapped around the axel between what law requires versus what ethics would require and how to change statues and regulations where necessary and if necessary it is still disclosure, disclosure, disclosure and getting licensees (agents) to abide by the law

    Don't forget!  If there’s a topic you don’t see in our list and/or you are interested in writing a blog entry, please email it to with REEA Blog in the subject line.


    Americans with Disabilities Act - New Regulations Coming Soon

    We are all familiar with the Americans with Disabilities Act and how it impacts physical locations.  If you have wondered why this doesn’t apply to the web - Get ready!  New regulations are on the works for 2018, you should encourage your company and your network to get a head start or risk hefty legal bills.

    This article has been provided by REEA Member Karel Murray, DREI as she felt “It is an important topic when presenting to your Real Estate community as they will certainly be marketing to the masses that include handicap/disabilities”. Karel goes on to say, “Particularly, with businesses that are public accommodating, government run or such will have the closest scrutiny when this becomes more defined and mandated. For now, the WWW has been an evolving system with best practices coming to light as interest and use have grown and continues to grow.”

    Read the article linked here, Website accessibility regulations delayed until 2018 but businesses should not table the issue until then for more information, share your thoughts with your fellow REEA members and how your company is protecting themselves.


    "5 Big Trends That Will Change Education in 2017" courtesy of Dearborn Real Estate Education

    Congratulations to REEA Directors Theresa Barnabei and Bruce Moyer, DREI who were recently interviewed by REEA Members at Dearborn Real Estate Education in an article 5 Big Trends That Will Change Education in 2017.

    Click here to view the article and then join Theresa and Bruce as the present two (2) – 1 day Instructor Development Workshops, “Taking Your Instruction to New Heights” IDW #1 and IDW #2 during the 2017 Annual REEA Conference June 23 and 26, 2017 in Miami, Florida.



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