REEA GSL Symposium - For REEA GSL Candidates ONLY!

April 12–13, 2024

This event is exclusively designated for REEA GSL Candidates.

Participants will be able to present a recorded 15-minute video in front of a designated audience. Following the recording, a link will be provided to the participants for their discretion on whether to include it with their REEA GSL application, alongside other mandatory documentation. Kindly indicate your preferred time slot in the designated question area during your registration process.


Friday April 12 REEA GSL Symposium
12:00–4:00 pm Eastern Time

Additional Information

REEA GSL Candidate recordings will be scored on the following:

  1. Visual Image: The REEA GSL Candidate must present an effective visual image of themselves to the REEA GSI IDW class, including professional appearance, physical mannerisms, and an engaging persona.
  2. Knowledge: The REEA GSL Candidate must demonstrate the ability to present the REEA  GSI material.  The REEA GSL candidate must demonstrate proficiency in the REEA GSI principles, topics and content with confidence and clarity.

  3. Instructional Methods: The REEA GSL Candidate demonstrates the knowledge of Interactive Teaching Principles and Tools adopted in the REEA GSI program. Instructional methods include expository, interactive, hands on, and collaborative. The REEA GSI Candidate's ability to adequately perform and execute each stage of the instructional methods.

  4. Instructional Aids: The REEA GSL Candidate must be familiar with applications including PowerPoint slides functions (animations, videos, and Poll everywhere), Zoom Polling, that assists in the adult learning process. Demonstrate the ability to maneuver through the PowerPoint slides, utilize 'Presenter View' so they are aware of the upcoming slide. GSI Candidate is able to transition from the PowerPoint slides to other specific applications being used or taught, when necessary. The use of visual images should follow the prescribed slide deck that already utilizes royalty free and or attributed images, videos, sound and music, and animation. The REEA GSL candidate is not to change any of the graphics on the assigned REEA GSI PowerPoint slides. They must initiate slide animation and video recordings in a timely manner, where applicable, demonstrating that they know the material and its timing. 

  5. Formative Assessment: The REEA GSL Candidate's ability to utilize Formative Assessments that allows adult learners and instructors to evaluate the effectiveness of instruction and learning progress. Such assessment techniques may include learner analysis, application through case studies, responding to scenarios, in-class assignments, short quizzes, and inclusive classroom dialogue and reflection to clarify key concepts, revealing misconceptions or misinformation.

  6. Adult Learner Interaction: The REEA GSL Candidate's ability to encourage interaction that stimulates experiential learning through interactive teaching methods.

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Registration Information

Attending the entire event.

Type Fee
General Admission
All registrants pay the same fee for this event.
Available 03/19/2024 to 04/12/2024 only

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