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    The REEA DREI Designation

    "Distinguished Real Estate Instructor"

    This designation was created by the Real Estate Educators Association to set the standard for excellence in real estate classroom instruction.  Regulators and others can be assured that a real estate educator who has earned a REEA DREI designation will exhibit a mastery of subject matter, proven presentation ability, relevant experience, and superior teaching skills.

    The REEA DREI program is administered by the REEA DREI Leadership Council which is elected by the REEA DREI membership. The REEA DREI designation is a classroom teaching designation that adheres to the Generally Accepted Principles of Education (GAPE) adopted by REEA.


    Your 2022 REEA DREI Leadership Council

    Len Elder, JD, DREI, GSI - 2021-2023

    Alec Hagerty, DREI - 2022

    PeggyAnn McConnochie, DREI, GSI - 2020-2022

    Steve Oliver, DREI - 2022-2024

    Kim Stotesbury, DREI, GSI - 2021-2023

    John Wenner, DREI - 2022-2024



    • National publicity for designee and his/her organization
    • Use of the REEA DREI credential, denoting excellence as a real estate classroom instructor
    • A REEA DREI Certification of Excellence suitable for framing
    • A REEA DREI lapel pin
    • Recognition on the REEA website, newsletters and other publications; and
    • Invitation to the annual REEA DREI Summit; available only to REEA DREIs, REEA DREI Candidates and invited guests



    When you are a content expert but you don't know how to professionally deliver that content to your audience, the Real Estate Educators Association can provide you with resources, education and connections to some of the best real estate instructors in the nation. A REEA membership will help you enhance your attitude towards learning and practical application of delivery techniques that are beyond what you could do on your own.

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    REMINDER: As stated in the REEA DREI Policies and Procedures Manual, Section III. Designation Renewal Criteria c. REEA DREI Summit:  Upon the third and each subsequent renewal, each REEA DREI shall attend at least one(1) REEA DREI Summit in the three (3) years immediately prior to renewal.



    As the Saguaro cactus Stands Tall, “it has a stature and authority and holds a grandfatherly type of wisdom” just as our REEA DREIs!

    Join us January 20-21, 2023 in Scottsdale, Arizona

    Registration is NOW Open!


    January 2023




    Search for a REEA DREI Member

    Mr. Brad Barker, DREI, GSI, REEA Current President Mr. Mark Barker, DREI, GSI, REEA Past President Ms. Doris S. Barrell, DREI
    Mr. George Bell, DREI, REEA Past President Stormie Benfield, DREI, GSI Mr. Jack R Bennett, DREI
    Mr. Fred Brodsky, DREI Katherine Buchholz, DREI Dr. Fredrick G. Buehler, Jr., DREI, GSI, PhD
    Ms. Deborah Carpenter, DREI Ms. Cindy S. Chandler, DREI, GSI Leslie Clauson, DREI, GSI
    Rev Spencer Clifford, DREI Kizzy Victoria Crawford Heath, DREI Mr. David W. Deverman, DREI Retired
    Ms. Cheri-Lynn Diamond, DREI Mr. Leonard C. Elder, JD, DREI, GSI Kandye Ellis, DREI, GSI
    Gary Farris, DREI, CDEI Frank Fields, MAEd, DREI, GSI Jim Fletemier, DREI
    Tracy Frazier, DREI Mr. Richard T. Fryer, DREI, REEA Past President Bill Gallagher, DREI, GSI
    Richard J. Gallegos, Jr., DREI Mr. Alec Hagerty, DREI Corean Hamlin, DREI
    Dr Samuel L. Henderson, BS, MUSE, MSRE, CAGS, Ed.D, DREI, CDEI Mr. James Hogan, DREI Ms. Carolyn Holcomb Hriso, DREI, GSI
    Elizabeth Cushman Hume, DREI, GSI Rebecca Jones, DREI, GSI Mrs Cheryl M. Knowlton, CSP, CDEI, DREI
    Mr. Robert C. Kutschbach, DREI, GSI, REEA Past President Melea Lemon, M Ed, DREI, GSI, CDEI Suzy Lieber, M.S.M.,EdM.A., DREI, GSI
    Mr. Jack A. Marinello, DREI Dr. Sam Martin, PhD, DREI, CDEI John Mayfield, DREI
    Mrs. PeggyAnn E. McConnochie, DREI, GSI Mr Dennis Everett Miller, DREI, GSI, MBA, MIRM, CDEI, CSP, CMP Mr. Bruce Wayne Moyer, DREI, GSI, REEA Past President
    Mr. Steven Oliver, DREI Dr. Roy L. Ponthier, DREI, GSI, PhD Mr. Arvil Price, DREI, GSI
    Cammie Reed, DREI, GSI Steve Robinson, DREI, GSI Ms. Marcie Roggow, DREI
    Mr. Jerry Rutledge, DREI Mr. Daniel Paul Sarrett, DREI CDEI Debbie Shields, DREI, GSI
    Ms. Joyce Bea Sterling, DREI Ms. Kim Stotesbury, DREI, GSI Dr. Carmel Streater, DREI, GSI, REEA Past President
    John B. Walker, DREI Mr. Terry Watson, DREI Mr. John Wenner, DREI, CDEI
    Ms. Sandra L. Williams, DREI Mr. Terry Wilson, DREI Mr. Richard Carl Wright, DREI
    Dee A Young, DREI, GSI, CDEI   
    REEA DREI (Emeritus)
    Mr. John A. Hamilton, DREI Emeritus, REEA Past President Mr. Charles J. Jacobus, DREI Emeritus, REEA Past President Don Levi, DREI Emeritus, REEA Past President
    Ms. Karel Murray, DREI Emeritus, REEA Past President Mr. Dana S Rhodes, DREI Emeritus, GSI, CDEI, MAED Mr. Tim R. Terry, DREI Emeritus
    REEA DREI (Retired)
    Ms. Roz Allemond, DREI Retired Ms. Marianne F. Allen, DREI Retired Ms. Penny Alston, DREI Retired
    Ms. Betty J. Armbrus, DREI Retired, REEA Past President Ms. Marianne F. Barkman, DREI Retired Mr. Stuart M. Bernstein, DREI Retired
    Ms. Dianna W. Brouthers, DREI Retired, REEA Past President Ms. Sherald Butler, DREI Retired Mr. Maurice Clifton, DREI Retired
    Mr. Henry S. Harrison, DREI Retired Ms. Patricia Johnson, DREI Retired Mr. Robert R. Jones, DREI Retired
    Joanne Klein, DREI Retired Dr. Mark Lee Levine, DREI Mr. Kent Levine, DREI Retired
    Ms. Victoria P. Lilly, DREI Retired Mr. Richard S. Linkemer, DREI Retired Mrs Gail G. Lyons, DREI Retired
    Dr. Beverly H McCormick, DREI Retired Mr. Stephen Mennuti, DREI Retired Sr. Mr Jack Miedema, DREI Retired
    Dr. Cheryl Nance, DREI Retired Ms. Karen Post, DREI Retired, REEA Past President Mr. Richard Reece, DREI Retired
    Mr. John W. Reilly, DREI Retired, REEA Past President Mr. Fred G. Richter, DREI Retired Ms. Marcia L. Russell, DREI Retired
    Ms. Barbara Samet, DREI Retired Mr. Douglas L. Schmitt, DREI Retired Mr. Carlton H. Segars, Jr, DREI Retired
    Mrs Priscilla G. Senecal, DREI Retired Ms. Diane Simpson, DREI Retired, REEA Past President Dr. David Sirota, DREI Retired
    Ms. Marie S. Spodek, DREI Retired Mr. Ralph Tamper, DREI Retired, REEA Past President Mr. Roger R. Turcotte, DREI Retired
    Mr. Randall S. Van Reken, DREI Retired Mr. Everett Worcester, DREI Retired Mrs. Mary E. Yonkers, DREI Retired


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