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    Membership in the Real Estate Educators Association is the single most valuable tool in achieving and maintaining the attributes of successful real estate educators.

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    with Kris Inman, REEA National Executive Director


    Will Parker, DREI, GSI | Glacier Speaks IT, Kila, Montana |

    In 2018 I joined REEA skeptical of what I could expect in me becoming a better educator; you know … being an instructor for a 1/4 century c’mon …

    In 2019 I attended REEA GSI (Gold Standard Instructor Development Workshops) for the first time and the Conference. I was blown away, recalibrated, and recharged in teaching.

    I was accepted as a conference presenter in 2021 & 2022 (I’m humbled); REEA GSI again. I was accepted into the REEA DREI (Distinguished Real Estate Instructor) Candidate Program last year and again, humbled. Today we completed the REEA DREI Summit, my first, and again, humbled. It no longer ceases to amaze me that if we get over ourselves and out of our own way, the lives we can change through others sharpening our skills so we can help others with a giving passionate heart of service.

    If you’ve never considered earning REEA DREI, please do. If you have, please reconsider.

    Want to know more about this journey I began in 2017? Contact me and or attend the 2023 REEA Annual Conference and I’ll share.

    Being an active member of REEA and taking advantage of all of the opportunities I’ve been given to be a better educator has been one of the most underrated decisions I’ve ever made. I’m so grateful to so many extended hands. Mine is here for you.

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    REEA Membership Brochure

    Join our REEALive Informational Sessions! REEA Member benefit that are 15-60 minute live informational sessions delivered by REEA Members to provide you with information to help enhance you and your career. Mark your calendar for the 2nd Thursday of every month at 12:30pm ET.  All sessions are recorded and placed in REEA Members Only.



    Join our REEA Let's Talk!  REEA Member Benefit that is live streaming educational discussions hosted by REEA Members with you in mind.  Join us and Let’s Talk about specific topics where we can all share and learn from each other in this interactive forum that will help you in your career. REEA Members are encouraged to join us for these thought-provoking discussions, get to know your fellow members and ask questions. These sessions can be up to 60 minutes in length. 


    The REEA Buddee is quintessential to collaboration and membership retention. As our membership grows, REEA Buddies will help us continue to meet our new members and their expectations and meet the growing need for mentors.  Our membership is flush with experience and knowledge; the whole reason people join! New members hope to gain insight and knowledge and make a new friend or two in the process. Being a mentor will take it one step further by giving them someone they can count on during their first year to help answer questions and bring them into the fold.  Be a REEA Buddee today!

    Learn more about REEA's Buddee Program

    I need a REEA Buddee! I want to be a REEA Buddee Mentor!

    The REEA Curriculum Library (RCL) was conceived from the idea that our members can and should benefit from the expertise and talent of one another by sharing courses they have authored. With the wide variety of knowledge in specialized areas of the real estate industry, members with written content can share their courses with others. As a "REEA Members Only" benefit, those who participate in RCL will gain from the vast knowledge of the membership, enhance their catalog of courses, and have another stream of revenue while connecting with each other and the excellence that REEA delivers. By incorporating this Library, members will have the ability to pick and choose areas of interest from the various resources offered, connect directly with the creators of the content, and have opportunities to share and sell content that they have created with members of the association.  Watch the video below with Jennifer Nicely, REEA GSI, Director and REEA Education Chair to learn more about the RCL.



    Education Manager
    Gold Coast/Colibri

    There is no doubt in my mind that becoming a member of REEA is the best thing I have done. I was encouraged by my friend and mentor, Andy Brown to join, and I can clearly see the opportunity this community provides for the betterment of real estate education. I am thrilled to be involved, and look forward to becoming a better Instructor, speaker and presenter.

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    Will Parker, DREI, GSI talks about "Why he is a Member of REEA"

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    Networking with colleagues is one of the main benefits members receive from REEA. Connect with the people and information to advance your programs and your career.

    Complete your Member Profile and you will be randomly chosen to be a Spotlight member for a week!
    Join our New Member Orientations and Learn more about the benefits of being a member of REEA.
    Network with trainers, speakers, state regulators, and fellow educators at the REEA National Conference. Meet many of the authors of textbooks and source materials you use in your classes.


    REEA is dedicated to keeping up with trends in the rapidly evolving industry of real estate education. Original research, practical knowledge, product recommendations, insights from leaders in the field, and more, will cut your development time and give you more time to focus on results.

    REEA MEMBERS ONLY Private Portal
    Every day, REEA members collaborate to share knowledge, quality classroom materials, and resources. You will have access to new ideas, products, books and services, and you'll learn about invaluable cutting edge teaching techniques, tools, content and emerging issues and trends.
    Keep in touch and informed on REEA and our members through articles, stories, learning experiences, successes and much more in our REEA Members Only Facebook Group page.  Need help?  Have a question?  Ask your fellow REEA Members.  We love to Share!
    Our members periodically submit blog posts that will benefit their peers.  If you have a blog post you think others will benefit from and would like to submit on REEA Blog, submit to REEA Headquarters.


    Learn from the best at REEA conferences, workshops, and seminars, and get ideas and practical tips that you can implement for immediate impact.

    Improve your presentation techniques and skills at REEA’s Instructor Development Workshops and have the ability to earn your Gold Standard IDW Certification.
    Learn new and innovative design and development during REEA's Annual Conference from your peers from around the country during our variety of learning sessions.
    Earn the nationally recognized Distinguished Real Estate Instructor (REEA DREI) designation. It will enhance your awareness of what is needed to provide premier real estate education as well as fine tune your platform presenting skills.


         Generate business referrals by networking with other REEA professionals.

    REEA WEBSITE is a resource you should not miss. Take a moment to explore the offerings that range from archived real estate articles, links to other real estate professional resources, and on-going member opportunities.
    Does your organization have an open position you would like to advertise on  Visit our Career Opportunities Page.
    REEA has a tradition of strong volunteer spirit.  Be a part of a committee today!  You are a part of this organization and being involved is a great way to grows long standing relationships with other REEA Members.
    Use this networking tool to contact REEA members by name, company, membership category, or state. Fellow members are great resources.



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