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    Join us for REEA's own GOLD IDW #1 and #2!

    "Taking Your Instruction to New Heights"

    Virtually Via Zoom

    Watch for dates to come out after Conference


    Upcoming Dates During our 2022 Annual REEA Conference in San Antonio, Texas
    • REEA GOLD IDW #1 - June 20, 2022 - click here for event details and registration
    • REEA GOLD IDW #2 - June 21, 2022 - click here for event details and registration
    • REEA GOLD IDW #3 - June 24, 2022 - click here for event details and registration

    All REEA GSI members are welcome to join us for a refresher of any REEA GOLD IDW class for only $99.00 each!

    As of January 1, 2021 all REEA Gold IDW classes must be taken in order; #1, #2 and #3.


    Register Here!


    Instructor Development Workshops (IDWs) are offered by REEA Members across the country.  See below for a list of upcoming IDWs and register today!


    Instructor Development Workshop

    Become a REEA Gold Standard Instructor!


    Contact REEA Headquarters to schedule or find a location near you!

    REEA’s Gold Standard Instructor Certification, a three-part Instructor Development Workshop series, is designed to enhance instructor delivery and improve student learning. 

    REEA understands the importance properly skilled instructors play in creating a highly engaging learning environment for students. With this in mind, REEA has designed the curriculum for the series of IDWs to support the development of this skill set. It provides critical training for both new and current instructors.

    REEA’s IDW series is available to support instructor training needs in your jurisdiction or region as well as your organization.

    Take all three Instructor Development Workshops and as a Member of REEA you will earn your GOLD certification!


    For Organizations and Jurisdictions Looking for Instructor Training Solutions, REEA Has Developed a Three-Part Series to Help
    • Boost the performance of your instructors to new heights
    • Enhance the student experience through engagement in the classroom
    • Increase student retention and improve student outcomes through activities and engagement
    • Increase instructor satisfaction by fostering a classroom environment that raises student confidence levels
    • Be known for offering Gold Standard instruction with certified instructors for every course delivered under your direction


    Participants Will Learn How to Execute These Principles of a Dynamic Classroom
    • Self-examination of philosophy, styles and techniques causes greater awareness of instructor effectiveness.
    • Student engagement fosters increased learning.
    • Instructor effectiveness increases with expertise of the learning styles of today’s students.
    • assessment tools into instruction ensures students are learning.
    • Use of new tools and techniques will create a dynamic, interesting, supportive, and fun classroom experience.


    This Three-Part Instructor Development Workshop “IDW” is Designed to Enhance Instructor Delivery and Improve Student Learning
    • IDW #1 - Lays the Foundation of Interactive Learning and Self-Assessment
    • IDW #2 - Applies the Principles in Classroom Activities
    • IDW #3 - Explores Cutting Edge Tools & Technologies That Make Teaching & Learning Fun!
    REEA IDW #1, #2, and #3 Outline

    Is your organization or jurisdiction interested in hosting an Instructor Development Workshop written by some of the "Best of the Best" in the industry?

    Contact REEA Headquarters for additional information and scheduling.

    Taking Your Instruction To New Heights Brochure
    Climbing The Instructor Mountain Brochure
    REEA IDW Testimonial Flyer

    Looking for an IDW to present in your state? Contact REEA at to learn how we can bring these fabulous classes to you and your instructors.

    Do you have an upcoming IDW you want to advertise? Complete and submit this submission form. (You must be a REEA Member in good standing in order to advertise your upcoming IDW classes on this page.)


    Note: Except for the REEA approved Gold Standard IDW, REEA nor its Officers and Board of Directors endorse or sanction any IDW’s listed here. We provide this list as a benefit to our members, and although we believe our instructor members are the best of the best, it is your responsibility to evaluate any course and/or instructor selected from this list per your normal protocol.

    IDWs listed on this page are offered by REEA members in good standing. To submit an upcoming IDW that you will be presenting, please complete and return the REEA Upcoming IDW Submission Form to REEA Headquarters at or 520-609-2380.

    Click here to learn more about becoming a member REEA and JOIN today!


    No upcoming IDWs to display...




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    R. Eric Axelson, GSI Mr. Brad Barker, DREI, GSI Mr. Mark Barker, DREI, GSI, REEA Past President
    Josh Barker, GSI Ms. Theresa Barnabei, GSI, REEA Past President Scotty Beal, GSI
    Scotty Beal, GSI JD Kevin Beck, GSI Kim Beebe, GSI
    Michelle Behrendt, GSI Ms. Ivy Beloff, GSI Stormie Benfield, DREI, GSI
    Mr. George Biederman, GSI Michelle Bippus, GSI Renee Bringier, GSI GRI
    Velore Brown, GSI Dr. Fredrick G. Buehler, Jr., DREI, GSI, PhD Mrs Marlene Burkhart, GSI, CRB
    Julie Campbell, GSI Sharon Carstens, GSI Rich Cederberg, GSI
    Ms. Cindy S. Chandler, DREI, GSI Leslie Clauson, DREI, GSI David Compton, GSI
    Mrs Candace K. Cooke, GSI Betsy Coyne, GSI Kevin Cyrus, GSI
    Matt Davies, GSI Cheryl Lynn Davis, GSI Dr. Cynthia Davis, GSI
    Jon J Day, GSI Alisha DeBerry, GSI Katheryn DeClerck, GSI
    Dee Denton, GSI Andrea Inman Detrick, GSI Mr. Leonard C. Elder, JD, DREI, GSI
    Jan Ellingson, GSI Kandye Ellis, DREI, GSI Ann Enos, GSI
    Mr. Mike Everett, GSI Holly Ewert, GSI Dr. Robert G. Falter, GSI Ph.D
    Donna Smith Fee, GSI Foster FitzHugh, GSI Sherrie Ford, GSI
    David C Forward, GSI David Fralix, GSI Mr. Silas Frazier JR, GSI
    Jeb Fuller, GSI Mrs Lillie LaVette Fuse Williams, GSI SRES,MRP Bill Gallagher, DREI, GSI
    Joseph Gehl, GSI Becky Gervers, GSI John Gillam, GSI
    Debra Gisriel, GSI Greg Glosson, GSI Hollye Granier, GSI
    Craig Grant, GSI Sharon Halperin, GSI Kristine Hansen, GSI
    Mrs. Karen Hatcher, GSI Mr. Thomas Hayman, GSI Ann Heinz, JD, GSI
    Jean Marie Herron, GSI Liz Hill, GSI CDEI Alfonzo Hilliard II, GSI
    Valerie Hilliard, GSI Elizabeth H. Holiday, GSI, GRI. CRB, ABR Ms. Carolyn Holcomb Hriso, DREI, GSI
    James Hriso, GSI Tom Jensen, GSI JulieLynn JohnsonVeverka, GSI
    Mr David A. Jones Sr., GSI Rebecca Jones, DREI, GSI Mr. Devin Kanhai, GSI
    Brenda Kasuva, GSI Lisa Kenton, GSI Margaret Keppler, GSI
    Nicole Alicia Knudtson, GSI Mr. Robert C. Kutschbach, DREI, GSI, REEA current President Christopher Landin, GSI
    Ms. Virginia L. Lawson, GSI Monica Lee-Hickerson, CDEI, GSI Burton LeFlore, GSI
    Mrs Nancy J. Legg, GSI Melea Lemon, M Ed, DREI, GSI, CDEI Mary Lesh, GSI
    Suzy Lieber, GSI. M.A., M.S.M. Tamalla Mallet, GSI Susan Malloy, GSI
    Ms. Saundra R Martin, GSI Simone Martin, GSI Colette Massengale, Esq., GSI
    Mrs. PeggyAnn E. McConnochie, DREI, GSI Dianne McCoy, CREI, GSI Beth McGonigle, GSI
    Kristen McMurray, Esquire, GSI Lori McQuestion, GSI Mr Dennis Everett Miller, DREI, GSI, MBA, MIRM, CDEI, CSP, CMP
    Reed Minton, GSI Sue Miranda - Rosensteel, GSI Jean Risha Mitchell, GSI
    Christine Morgan, GSI Mr. Bruce Wayne Moyer, DREI, GSI, REEA Past President Donna Mungin, GSI
    Adriene D. Neal, GSI Dotty Boudreaux Nelson, GSI Jennifer Nicely, GSI
    Brandon D Nichols, GSI Gerry L Nichols, GSI Michael P Nolan, GSI
    Gary Nordling, GSI Amber Nutt, GSI Sandra Louise OConnor, GSI
    Omolara Osinusi, GSI Ms. AnnMarie Pallister, GSI Will Parker, GSI
    Tina Perkins, GSI Love Picou, GSI Beverly Pierce, GSI
    Susie Piercy, GSI Jamie Platt Lyons, GSI Dr. Roy L. Ponthier, DREI, GSI, PhD
    Robin Powell, GSI Mr. Arvil Price, DREI, GSI Cassie Proffitt, GSI
    Michele Quick, GSI Cammie Reed, DREI, GSI Adrian Reyes, GSI
    Mr. Dana S Rhodes, DREI Emeritus, GSI, CDEI, MAED Dr. Conrad R. Richards, GSI Chuck Robertson, GSI
    Vickie Rogers, GSI Brian Rossow, GSI Debbie Ryan, GSI
    Kristine Serkedakis, GSI Midi Shaw, GSI Stephanie Shaw, GSI
    Jodi Sherretts, GSI Capt Douglas Lee Sinclair, GSI Mr Joseph Thomas Sinnona, GSI
    Dr Jeffrey Scott Stanton, GSI Glenn Stewart, GSI Patricia K Stone, GSI
    Ms. Kim Stotesbury, DREI, GSI Dr. Carmel Streater, DREI, GSI, REEA Past President Maurice Taylor, GSI
    Ms Yvonne Thomas, GSI Ann R. Thompson, GSI April Todd, GSI
    Ginger Unger, GSI, CCIM Todd J Van Horn, GSI CDEI CRS Adrienne Volpe, GSI
    Mrs. Stephanie G. Walker, GSI Doreen E. Wanco, GSI Garmon West, Jr., Ph.D., GSI
    Jennifer Wheeler, GSI Don Widmayer, GSI Johnell Woody, GSI
    Dee A Young, DREI, GSI, CDEI Mr. Wayne Young, GSI Nikki Zotto, GSI


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