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    Upcoming REEA Conferences and DREI Summits are listed here.  Click the event title to learn more, view the schedule and register.

    REEA's Instructor Development Workshop #3 Pine Mountain, Georgia November 30, 2018
    2019 Annual DREI Summit Asheville, North Carolina January 26–27, 2019
    2019 Annual REEA Conference Austin, Texas June 27 – July 1, 2019


    Instructor Development Workshops (IDWs) are offered by REEA Members across the country.  See below for a list of upcoming IDWs and register today!


    Instructor Development Workshop

    Become a REEA Gold Standard Instructor!


    Contact REEA Headquarters to schedule or find a location near you!

    REEA’s Gold Standard Instructor Certification, a three-part Instructor Development Workshop series, is designed to enhance instructor delivery and improve student learning. 

    REEA understands the importance properly skilled instructors play in creating a highly engaging learning environment for students. With this in mind, REEA has designed the curriculum for the series of IDWs to support the development of this skill set. It provides critical training for both new and current instructors.

    REEA’s IDW series is available to support instructor training needs in your jurisdiction or region as well as your organization.

    Take all three Instructor Development Workshops and as a Member of REEA you will earn your GOLD certification!


    For Organizations and Jurisdictions Looking for Instructor Training Solutions, REEA Has Developed a Three-Part Series to Help
    • Boost the performance of your instructors to new heights
    • Enhance the student experience through engagement in the classroom
    • Increase student retention and improve student outcomes through activities and engagement
    • Increase instructor satisfaction by fostering a classroom environment that raises student confidence levels
    • Be known for offering Gold Standard instruction with certified instructors for every course delivered under your direction


    Participants Will Learn How to Execute These Principles of a Dynamic Classroom
    • Self-examination of philosophy, styles and techniques causes greater awareness of instructor effectiveness.
    • Student engagement fosters increased learning.
    • Instructor effectiveness increases with expertise of the learning styles of today’s students.
    • assessment tools into instruction ensures students are learning.
    • Use of new tools and techniques will create a dynamic, interesting, supportive, and fun classroom experience.


    This Three-Part Instructor Development Workshop “IDW” is Designed to Enhance Instructor Delivery and Improve Student Learning
    • IDW #1 - Lays the Foundation of Interactive Learning and Self Assessment
    • IDW #2 - Applies the Principles in Classroom Activities
    • IDW #3 - Explores Cutting Edge Tools & Technologies That Make Teaching & Learning Fun!

    Is your organization or jurisdiction interested in hosting an Instructor Development Workshop written by some of the "Best of the Best" in the industry?

    Contact REEA Headquarters for additional information and scheduling.

    Taking Your Instruction To New Heights Brochure
    Climbing The Instructor Mountain Brochure
    REEA IDW Testimonial Flyer

    Taking Your Instruction to New Heights

    REEA's Instructor Development Workshop #3

    Course Objective:  Third of a three-part series that continues instructor's journeys' of putting into production the 5 principles of a dynamic classroom.

    1. Self-examination of philosophy, styles and techniques causes greater awareness of instructor effectiveness.
    2. Students that are engaged in the process subsequently learn more.
    3. Expertise of the learning styles of today's students will raise the level of instructor effectiveness.
    4. Blending assessment tools into your instruction ensures students are learning.
    5. Use of new tools and techniques will create a dynamic, interesting, supportive, and fun classroom experience.

    Execution of these principles will help an instructor maximize their teaching potential. Join us in examining critical areas of instruction that will make every presentation the best it can be while achieving greater satisfaction and enjoyment for the students and instructors.

    This IDW #3 will take the classroom instruction to new heights of experience. After all, when the experience is great, your students' experience will be too!  Taking Your Instruction to New Heights #3 is the third of REEA's Gold Standard Instructor Development Workshops. This course was written and will be presented by REEA's own members, some of "The Best of the Best" in the industry.

    LOCATION:        Callaway Resort and Gardens, 17800 US-27, Pine Mountain, GA 31822

    DATE:                   Friday, November 30, 2018  9:00am-4:30pm

    INSTRUCTORS: Theresa Barnabei, REEA Secretary and Bruce W. Moyer, DREI, REEA President-Elect

    SPONSORED BY:  GREEA, Georgia Real Estate Educators Association

    Click HERE to learn more and register today!

    Looking for an IDW to present in your state? Contact REEA at to learn how we can bring these fabulous classes to you and your instructors.

    Do you have an upcoming IDW you want to advertise? Complete and submit this submission form. (You must be a REEA Member in good standing in order to advertise your upcoming IDW classes on this page.)


    Note: Except for the REEA approved Gold Standard IDW, REEA nor its Officers and Board of Directors endorse or sanction any IDW’s listed here. We provide this list as a benefit to our members, and although we believe our instructor members are the best of the best, it is your responsibility to evaluate any course and/or instructor selected from this list per your normal protocol.

    IDWs listed on this page are offered by REEA members in good standing. To submit an upcoming IDW that you will be presenting, please complete and return the REEA Upcoming IDW Submission Form to REEA Headquarters at or 520-609-2380.

    Click here to learn more about becoming a member REEA and JOIN today!


    JOIN our REEA Member Group of Certified GOLD Standard Instructors!

    REEA Certified GOLD Standard Instructors Listed Alphabetically:


    Robert Arguelles                                    Nikki Baldwin                                  Mark Barker, DREI

    Theresa Barnabei                                  Ivy Beloff                                            George Biederman             

    Andrew Brown                                       Sharon Carstens                             Cindy Chandler, DREI

    Karen Climer                                          Jon Day                                                 Andrea Inman Detrick

    Len Elder, DREI                                     Jim Forde                                             Jeb Fuller

    William “Bill” Gallagher, DREI      John Gillam                                        Debra Gisriel

    Hollye Granier                                       Beth Holiday                                     Carolyn Hriso

    Jim Hriso                                                  JulieLynn JohnsonVevereka     David Jones            

    Rebecca Jones                                      Brenda Kasuva                                  Rollie Litteral           

    Brooke Madsen                                   Jill Malloy                                             Sue Miranda            

    Bruce Moyer, DREI                           AnnMarie Pallister                          Tina Perkins

    David Petkovsek                                Arvil Price, DREI                               Dana Rhodes, DREI           

    Chuck Robertson                              Stephen Robinson, DREI              Brian Rossow

    Jodi Sherretts                                     Jeffrey Stanton                                   Kellie Tinnin

    Adrienne Volpe                                  Stephanie Walker                             Jennifer Wheeler

    Johnell Woody                                   Dee A. Young                                       Nikki Zotto    


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