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    Join Other Respected Professionals

    If you have wondered how to connect with other real estate educators, school owners, and state regulators, a membership in REEA will help you achieve that goal.

    In addition, this alliance will demonstrate to others your commitment to the industry and enhance your delivery of real estate education to the real estate professionals you serve.

    Encourage Your Team of Instructors to Earn the Prestigious DREI Designation

    Watch expertise and presentation skills grow when you and your affiliated educators work for and earn the Distinguished Real Estate Instructor Designation, a recognized, respected educational credential available to serious real estate educators! The application and approval process prepares DREI designees to be more knowledgeable and professional in their presentation competence and skills.  Learn more about REEA's DREI program and how to become a DREI.

    New Member Programs

    Encourage your instructors who are not REEA members to join and start improving their classroom presence through participation in many of REEA’s offerings. Our workshops include Instructor and Course Development opportunities for instructors at every level.

    Show Your Commitment to Excellence

    Membership in the Real Estate Educators Association demonstrates to others that you are involved and support your industry. Show your appreciation and support to those you manage as well by exposing them to the benefits of REEA.

    The opportunities to utilize REEA programs and gain access to the wealth of knowledge available nationwide will assist you in building a team of experts in the real estate field.

    Communicate and Publish

    The REEAction Newsletter is written by REEA members and industry experts on industry topics. As a REEA member you will have the opportunity to publish your articles which will be recognized internationally.

    REEA provides several opportunities for its members to network with each other and to work together to build successful real estate education programs and affiliations.

    Responses to your inquiries, questions, and concerns are a top priority with the REEA Board of Directors and staff.

    Participate As Little or As Much As You Like

    As time and budgets allow, attend REEA functions, read the online member updates and articles, access the REEA website for archived articles, or drop a note to one of REEA’s many subject-matter experts to receive advice or support.

    Determine the benefits you wish to take advantage of and how much involvement you wish to have in REEA. A commitment to REEA as an organization will return multiple benefits, and you will soon discover that REEA membership is a great return on investment.

    Join Online Now!

    Available REEA Memberships:

    • Individual
    • Institutional

    Institutional Membership dues include up to three (3) people in the same company/organization.  Institutional Membership may be transferred to another staff member if the person who was designated as a REEA member leaves the organization.


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