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    What I've Learned Since I've Been Teaching

    Listen to REEA Member Travis Everette as he shares his tips and tools on;

    • Don't Blame The Fish
    • Tools in the Classroom
    • Overcoming Your Own Mistakes
    • Keeping Your Audience Engaged

    Click here to see this valuable video that will help you in the classroom!

    REEA Member and DREI Candidate, Travis Everette is the Director of the Pan School of Real Estate in Raleigh, North Carolina which he founded in 2012 as well as the Broker in Charge of a 110 agent residential real estate brokerage. He has been instructing real estate courses in North Carolina since 2009 and is the current recipient of the North Carolina Real Estate Commission's Larry Outlaw Excellence in Education award and the 2017 NCREEA Educator of the Year.

    Travis Everette | 252-916-9549 |



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