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    What REEA Means To Me?

    WHAT REEA MEANS TO ME? By Andy Brown, ME, DTM, GSI, DREI-Candidate

    When I look back at the twists and turns in my life, is very clear to me that I unknowingly stepped on to a path of becoming an instructor over 35 years ago. Your own life’s details are fascinating to you but not so much to anyone else. Regardless, here I am today, a full-time real estate licensing school owner and instructor.

    On the surface, my wife Pam Matera and I stumbled upon the Climer School of Real Estate. Underneath, it was an inevitable moment of opportunity at the right place at the right time. Every day, every minute, we work to make the most of this opportunity.

    What I discovered is that there is a lot of competition from individuals who do not have what I call, “the heart and soul of instructor”. They think its easy money. When we bought the school, we didn’t even know that an organization such as REEA existed. What an incredible, eye-opening delight it was to discover this organization of peers.

    REEA has provided me with a national network that has allowed me to not only grow as instructor but develop new friends who understand our unique set of challenges. Having been in the real estate, mortgage, and title industry for over 20 years when I took over the role as head instructor at the Climer school, it felt at times as though I was an island. No one that I knew in my community was faced with the new challenges that I had in front of me.

    Suddenly REEA was filled with hundreds of other people who knew and understood exactly what I was going through. Our first REEA Annual Conference felt like the delivery of a blessing. All of these other real estate instructors around the country all dealing with the same types of issues that we were dealing with on a daily basis. People that I could confide to, learn from, grow with, and use as my own teachers and mentors to be able to continue my growth as a real estate instructor.

    REEA has also allowed me to continue to gain knowledge, insights, and perspectives on new and cutting-edge instructional concepts, techniques, and tools.

    At the Climer School of Real Estate, we like to think that we have very open minds and a willingness to change. All of our instructors and staff know that everything we do is for our students. When we ask them to do something, it is because we think it is best for our students. If we think it’s not working or something better has come along, we will change - no questions asked.

    It’s not about us, it’s about our students.

    My involvement with REEA has created many changes at the Climer School of Real Estate compared to how we were doing things when we first took over. I have no doubt that with our continued involvement; the Climer School will see many more changes in the future as well.

    Andy Brown, Director of Education & Training
    The Climer School of Real Estate
    Orlando, FL
    2019 REEA Educator of the Year, ME, DTM, GSI, DREI-Candidate

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    Obtaining My REEA DREI

    Obtaining my REEA DREI "Distinguished Real Estate Instructor" is the single best thing I have ever done regarding my professional career in teaching real estate. The knowledge obtained from going through the REEA DREI program is invaluable.

    Items such as handling student questions (affirm learner, restate question, answer to class), setting up a classroom (yes, there are arrangements other than classroom style), building bridges (easier said than done), moving while teaching, turning projection system on and off appropriately (extremely important yet overlooked by many) are just some of the extremely useful instruction techniques I have learned over the years of attending REEA DREI Summits.

    Attending the Annual REEA DREI Summit allows me to observe truly some of the finest instructors in the country. One great benefit is being able to use in my classroom so many of the great teaching tips and ideas that are presented and discussed each year at the REEA DREI Summit. Establishing professional and personal relationships with instructors from across the country is a tremendous benefit as well.

    Honestly, after being part of the REEA DREI program for the past 15 years or so, it has transformed me into a terrible student. I’m sure most all teachers feel the same way. When I attend various seminars and see someone present who does not have a good understanding of how to teach, I just want to cringe. There is a huge difference between having knowledge and being able to teach or convey that knowledge to others. Becoming an effective instructor is at the heart of what the REEA DREI program is all about.

    I would encourage any real estate instructor to inquire about getting started in the REEA DREI program. It is not easy – steps include months of a mentoring program, passing an exam and submitting a one-hour video demonstrating the teaching essentials required of a REEA DREI.

    Is it worth it? Absolutely! Ask any REEA DREI – they will tell you the same thing.

    Brad Barker, DREI
    Career Education Systems, Inc.

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